COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Documents

 COVID DCMP Rural Consortia Plan
 HESD Risk Assessment Form 2021
Diamond Continuity of Services Plan 2021
 Diamond COVID Recovery Services Plan
Drewsey Continuity of Services Plan 2021 
Drewsey COVID Recovery Services Plan 
Double O Continuity of Services Plan 2021
Double O COVID Recovery Services Plan 
 Pine Creek Continuity of Services Plan 2021
 Pine Creek COVID Recovery Services Plan
South Harney Continuity of Services Plan 2021 
South Harney COVID Recovery Services Plan 
Suntex Continuity of Services Plan 2021
Suntex COVID Recovery Services Plan 
Operational Blueprint Harney County Schools 
COVID-19 High Risk-Low Risk Symptom Checker
 COVID-19 Risk Assessment Template
 COVID-19 Exclusion Guide
 COVID-19 Exclusion Summary Chart
 Ready Schools, Safe Learners 120420
OSHA COVID-19 Standards for All Workplaces 
 COVID-19 Safety Team Checklist
 COVID-19 Risk & Protection Framework
 PPE Guidelines
COVID-19 Guidance for Staff 
 COVID-19 Requirements for Workplaces
Health & Safety Newsletter 
 COVID-19 Specific Communicable Disease Management Plan
COVID-19 Daily Employee Log
Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Facility 
 Cleaning & Disinfecting in School Classrooms
Recommended Cleaning Schedule for School Settings 
 ACPE: Cleaning Protocols

Signage Samples

Visitor Sample
Occupancy Sample

Other Resources

 COVID-19/ OHSA Training (Dec 2020)
Training Passcode: Eq6Y$m$V 
COVID-19 December 2020 Presentation 
Telehealth Information