Speech Department Completes Hearing and Vision Screenings
If it's Fall, it's Screening Time!
Posted on 10/23/2015
Jill MuilenburgJill Muilenburg sets up the program and conducts the screenings along with other speech personnel. Approximately 400-500 students are screened in the county. This program is offered to the school districts at no additional charge. If a student fails, a letter is sent home notifying families. By providing this service HESD has been able to offer early detection for hearing concerns. The rate of hearing concerns has decreased because of this diligence. HESD also provides proactive services by making students aware of things that can cause permanent hearing loss; guns, farm equipment, and loud music, for example.  In years past HESD offered a hearing clinic with an Audiologist from Bend. Unfortunately the Audiologist retired and HESD has been unable to fill the position. Continuous screenings are held across the school year whenever there is a concern.