PUC Telecommunications Survey
The PUC Would Like to Hear From You
Posted on 06/01/2020

To take the survey, visit: https://arcg.is/1CHbz.

The survey is intended to provide a voice to Oregon residents using telephone and cell services. The results will help inform a report that is due to the Oregon State Legislature as part of our investigation required by House Bill 3065, which passed in the 2019 Legislative session. This bill directed the PUC to establish a public process to investigate the continuing relevance of the “carrier of last resort” or COLR obligation on the state’s telecommunications providers given the recent changes in technology and policy in the industry. The COLR obligation requires telephone companies to provide access to telephone service in their designated service territory without discrimination. For additional information on the COLR investigation, visit: https://www.oregon.gov/puc/utilities/Pages/Telecom-Carrier-of-Last-Resort.aspx.