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Order Your Cool Library Card Soon!
Posted on 04/27/2018
Beryl SheaIf you don’t have one already, Harney County Library would love to sign you up for a COOL Card. This library card is different than the one you might already have at the local library. It is specifically designed for educators, giving you extra time with materials, and the ability to make extra holds. It also eliminates late fines. For those that don’t have a COOL card, you can easily get one by emailing Beryl Shea.When the items you have requested have arrived, they will be sent to you via courier unless you make other arrangements with Hollie Held at Harney ESD (541-573-4836). You can email Hollie as well. We hope that this integration with Sage and the access to its many resources will be extremely useful for both teachers and their students.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Beryl via email!