Google Expeditions Bring Field Trips to the School
Expedition Kits Are Available for Schools to Check Out
Posted on 11/02/2017
Google Expeditions

Gentry: "I thought that they (virtual reality glasses) were GREAT because they allowed you to explore the world while just sitting in your own classroom! I would highly recommend the glasses to anyone who wants to travel around the world while just sitting at home or school."

Haylee: "When I look through the glasses, it feels like I am on a real field trip and on the top of Mt. Everest! Just plain cool dude. Why I think that you should recommend this to different schools is because my opinion is that I think people  and other schools would like them and that I think that you could find really cool Halloween pictures.

"Edgar: "I really loved the glasses.  I loved them because when you looked through them everything looks different.  My favorite was looking at the holes where the Twin Towers were (Ground Zero).

Miss Neuschwander: "I thought the glasses were such a neat way to take the kids on experiences we would never get to do.  For instance, to go along with our science, I found where we could go inside the NASA International Space Station. I also took the kids to places we just thought sounded interesting like the San Diego Zoo, Human Anatomy of the Respiratory system, a 9-11 Museum, a dinosaur museum, under the ocean adventures, and a coal mine. One of my favorite things was watching the kids as we were checking out construction on top of the Empire State Building and the kids pulled their glasses away from their faces because they were afraid they were going to fall off the building to the street below. It was so real for them. This was such a cool purchase for ESD to make and at Double-O we greatly appreciated it. Hope to check them out again."