Exploring with Google Expeditions
Google Expeditions: A Virtual Reality Experience
Posted on 05/10/2017
Google ExpeditionsComing soon to Harney County classrooms! Google Expeditions lets teachers take their students on virtual field trips. The class can go to museums, cities, biomes, and all kinds of places with the virtual reality glasses. The kit contains 30 glasses, a tablet, phones and a router to connect them all.  Teachers can take their students virtually anywhere. The kit is currently being assembled and tested, and will be available for check out when the 2017-18 school year starts up.

Mrs. Recanzone from Hines Middle School, who is testing the kit for us, offers some tips for teachers using the kit:
  • Clear a space for students to stand, sit, or rest on the floor; they will trip over anything in the way.
  • Prepare neighboring teachers for laughter and noise coming from your classroom!
  • Some students will become nauseous from the experience!

“From Machu Picchu to Antarctica to the International Space Station - where will you take your class?” (*From Google Expeditions Website)

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