August In-Services for District 3 and Rural Teachers
Teachers Getting Ready for Back-to-School
Posted on 08/28/2017

Rural teachers had the opportunity to explore Google Virtual Reality and were offered a Talented and Gifted symposium in coordination with all Harney County schools...K-5 classrooms had a morning session followed by Grades 6-12 in the afternoon.

Teachers also learned about practices and protocols from a registered nurse from Symmetry Care, including suggested protocols for diabetes action plans, breathing issues, medical emergencies, epi pen use, seizures, and other relevant topics.Discussions with teachers included suggested action plans as to parent intervention and a conversation to have with each rural school board as to their expectations around medical emergencies.

The rural teachers also had the opportunity to meet with rural evaluator Kris Beck and engage in the teacher support and evaluation process and the new virtual tool Frontline that is similar to the previous system.

Dr. Russ Quaglia and Dr. Lisa Lande of the Quaglia Institute for Student Voice and Aspirations returned to Burns to expand on earlier presentations.  Harney 3 is hosting a district- wide book read and each Harney 3 teacher received the Student Voice text and a copy of "Student Voice: Turn up the Volume," to assist with amplifying student voice in their settings.

Along with a focus on Voice, Quaglia and Lande connected with previous learning brought in by Harney Education Service District. Dr. Quaglia and Lande connected with the work of Nancy Frey, Doug Fisher and Dominique Smith. Relationships were explored in the classroom and the school and a connection with the past made with Dr. Kevin Feldman around student and teacher engagement. Professional learning dates have been set for follow up activities centered around the concepts of voice and engagement and will continue throughout 2017 and 2018!