Art Grant Projects
Scratchboard, Puppetry, Opera and More!
Posted on 12/16/2015
Scratchboard ArtThe students began the Scratchboard unit by creating small symbols and images. Then, they progressed to larger, more complex images as they acquired different techniques to create different types of line quality and texture. The final product required students to draw an image or animal, transfer and scratch out their idea. Students also had to utilize positive and negative space to enhance their image. Each student self-assessed their final product following a rubric. 

Hines Middle School also had an 8-day unit "Introduction to Puppeteering with Mr. William Walther." The students created papier-mache puppets for their particular chosen script. Once the designs were finished, the students went through the process of creating a fairy tale and studying the parts of a story line.

Upcoming art events include a visit by the Portland Opera to Crane (Feb. 17), Fields (Feb 18) and Hines Middle School (Feb. 16). These wonderful learning experiences are funded by the Studio to School Grant, which is managed by Harney ESD, through a partnership with the Oregon Community Foundation. Visit the Studio to School Harney County Showcase for more details about the student projects.