Digital Conversion

Why Digital Conversion?


Digital conversion allows educators to level the playing field and provide every student, including at-risk learners, with anytime/anywhere access to resources and the opportunity to develop the skills they need for today’s workplace.

In the Burns-Hines Schools, we believe that school must address the challenges of today and align with what students need to know today.  Today’s workplace demands not only digital skills but also the ability to work collaboratively and creatively and engage in independent research—all skills that are enabled and enhanced by technology.

Digital Conversion Critical Success Factors

  • A commitment to every child
  • A shared vision
  • A culture of caring and collaboration
  • Embrace the moral imperative
  • Personalized, relevant, connected learning
  • Relentless focus on achievement
  • High expectations
  • Digital resources and infrastructure
  • Ongoing professional growth
  • Ubiquitous leadership
  • In-depth planning
  • Data-driven decision making
  • Creative resource alignment and prioritization
  • All hands on deck
  • Understanding of second-order change

*Text taken and adapted from: Every Child, Every Day–A Digital Conversion Model for Student Achievement, Mark A. Edwards