Board of Directors

Harney ESD Board of Directors




 Dan Brown Dan Brown, Chair

Zone 5, Suntex, Frenchglen,
Double O

Term: June 2019

 Kirk Davies  Kirk Davies, Vice-Chair

Zone 6, At Large

Term: June 2019
 Julie Weikel Julie Weikel

Zone 1, At Large

Term: June 2021

 Charles Dunten Charles Dunten

Zone 3, Crane, Pine Creek,

Term: June 2021

 Doug Stott Doug Stott

Zone 4, Diamond, So. Harney

Term: June 2019

 Sandy Volle Sandy Volle

Zone 2, Burns, Hines

Term: June 2019

 Pat Sharp  Pat Sharp

Zone 7, Burns, Hines

Term: June 2021

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