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This proposed budget document has been prepared in accordance with ORS 334.240, Budget and Tax levy statutes regulating education service districts in the State of Oregon.  Oregon Budget Law sets the standard for preparing and presenting the district’s annual budget which outlines the programs and services of the district.  All Oregon local governmental units must plan a budget that has equal resources and requirements ... a balanced budget.


Harney Education Service District (HESD) has created a proposed budget document which includes estimated resources and requirements for fiscal year 2013-2014.  This budget document has been prepared using the Program Budgeting and Accounting Manual for School Districts and Education Service Districts in Oregon.


This budget adheres closely to the enclosed 2013-2014 Local Service Plan developed and approved jointly by the HESD Board of Directors and the component school districts.  The Local Service Plan serves as a guide to how ESDs should utilize their dollars to best serve the school districts.  HESD and the component school districts met monthly this past fall to discuss individual as well as common needs.  It was the consensus of the component school district that the Local Service Plan provides services that closely follow recommendations and changes presented by Dr. Rudy Crew and the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB).


It is anticipated that special education will remain a local service and one that the component school district would benefit most from with HESD dollars.  This is a HESD service that is beneficial to all component school districts and serves as an excellent example of how taxpayers’ dollars can be used efficiently and effectively.  Currently HESD’s General Fund is essentially capped at $1 million dollars. By focusing on services that are beneficial to all the component school districts, and ‘leveraging the dollar’, the component school districts are able to receive services they could not afford on their own.  Special Education is an excellent example of how dollars can be leveraged.


It is anticipated that the federal funding for the Early Childhood Center’s Head Start, DHS Counseling and EI/ECSE Programs will be reduced next fiscal year due to the sequestration.  The reduction in the budget is 5% for federal Head Start and 10% for the federal portion of the EI/ECSE Program and DHS Counseling Contract.  In addition to these program cuts, it is currently unclear what funding looks like for the Great Start /Healthy Start programs.  The OCF grant has been fully expended and helped supplement home visits for the Healthy Start program.


This budget does not include a cost of living increase for HESD, EOT, and Head Start employees.  In 2007, the Oregon Legislature passed a law which establishes an Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) to create and administer health plans for education districts in Oregon.  In the March 2011 regular board meeting, the HESD Board of Directors voted to increase the employer’s portion of group health insurance to $1085.50.  The $1085.50 employer cap remains in effect for this budget.  According to Oregon School Boards Association, in 2011-2012 the state average for employer’s contribution was $1,219.34 (low $775 high $2,211).


The Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) employer rate for the 2013-15 biennium is 26.69% for Tier I/II eligible employees and 24.69% for OPSRP (Oregon Public Service Retirement Plan) employees. 

HESD mileage reimbursement policy was modified by the Board of Directors in 2004 to agree with the “Federal Standard Mileage Rate for all business miles driven”.  Current federal mileage rate is 56.5¢. 


This budget identifies facility and vehicle costs by location: (1) Administrative Bldg (2) Early Childhood Center and (3) Regional Service Center.


HESD is well known for low staff turnover and frugal fiscal management.  With this foundation I am confident that the coming year will provide continued excellent services to all our students…both preschool and K-12 students…in Harney County.  I am very proud of the employees of the HESD and the Board of Directors for embracing change and “making the difference”!


Respectively Submitted,

Dennis B. Mills

Dennis B. Mills, Superintendent

Harney Education Service District Region XVII