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The Mission of Harney Education Service District (HESD) is to assist our component school districts and the State of Oregon in providing excellent and equitable educational opportunities and successful learning environments for all Harney County students.  HESD is dedicated to providing leadership in helping to achieve Oregon's education goals and working in partnership with our schools and our community to enhance the healthy development of children and families for today and tomorrow.

HESD is “Committed to Excellence”, and we work hard to make the site a primary source for timely information for all users, and a main gateway for improved communication between parents, teachers, students and other members of our community. Our goal and responsibility is to help each student develop an enthusiasm for learning, a respect for self and others, and the skills to become a creative independent thinker and problem solver.

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Teacher of the Year
Nominate Your Favorite Teacher!
Oregon teachers change lives! Nominate one for Oregon Teacher of the Year 2019!
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Harvest Party
ECC Kids Head to the Pumpkin Patch
Mrs. Stampke and Ms. Rachel's 4 year old Great Start class took a field trip out to Scott and Nellie Franklin's place for a harvest party, hayride and visit to the pumpkin patch on Oct. 26th.
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Google Expeditions
Expedition Kits Are Available for Schools to Check Out
Students from one of our rural districts recently had the opportunity to go exploring with Google Expedtions when teacher Karla Neuschwander checked the kit out from Harney ESD. The kids and their teacher were willing to share some feedback on their experiences with the virtual reality kit.
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   Brad Fulton Math @HMS
   Apr 03 2018
   Amplifying Student Voice -Writing with Rachel Medeiros
   Apr 06 2018
   HESD Board Meeting
   Apr 11 2018 at 01:30 PM
   HESD Board Meeting
   Apr 11 2018 at 01:30 PM
   Technology Conference
   Apr 13 2018